Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slow Baked Pork Spare Ribs

We love pork spare ribs cooked on the BBQ but occasionally I do them in the oven just to mix things up a bit.

There is really no recipe for this as all I do is mix half a bottle of Taylor's Honey Soy Marinade with half a bottle of hot water and shake well to combine.

Pour a small amount into dish and swirl it around so the base is covered. Place the ribs in the dish and pour the rest of the marinade/water mix over the top The ribs should be literally swimming in marinade. Bake in a moderately hot oven for at least an hour and a half. Turn the ribs occasionally during cooking.

Here they are ready to go into the oven.

I didn't have many salad ingredients so our salad consisted of chopped tomatoes, celery  and shallots topped with Paul Newman's Balsalmic Salad Dressing. Chunky chips were the perfect addition.

The pork ribs were so tender they practically fell apart, the simple salad was yummy and you can never go wrong with chips. A perfect Saturday night dinner!

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