Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beef Burgundy Part 2

Step 6
Stir all the flour through covering all the meat and vegetables. When this is done there should be no white showing from the flour.

Step 7
Add the wine and beef stock and mix well. The sauce is very runny at this stage but it will thicken up.

Step 8
Add tomato paste and stir to combine

Step 9
Cover pan and turn the heat doen to a low simmer. Simmer for about 1.5 hours. I give it a stir about every 10 minutes to make sure it doesn't catch on the bottom of the pan

Step 10
Serve with rice or whatever you fancy - enjoy!

Even though this recipe has a lot of steps it really is easy and never fails unless you forget to stir during the simmering time and the bottom burns. I set my timer every 10 minutes to make sure I don't forget.

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