Friday, October 15, 2010

Geoff's Chicken Bon Bon's

Tonights recipe is Geoff's Chicken Bon Bon's by Geoff Knight. Geoff loves these because they are, quick, easy and delicious!

Here are Geoff's instructions.

Geoff’s Chicken Bonbons

Take chicken thigh fillets – boneless and skinless
You can put anything you like in the filling, but my preferred is:

Sundried tomatoes (not oily ones, in fact I prefer the dried ones you can get in a packet).
Low fat fetta
Spinach or silverbeet

I chop up the sundried tomatoes, cut the asparagus to the length of a chicken fillet (when rolled), cut up the spinach and crumble the fetta.

Then I mix them altogether, lay the fillets out, fill the middle of the fillets with the filling then roll the fillets up as tightly as I can. It’s just like rolling a kebab or a wrap or a burrito, but remember the trick is to get as much filling in without OVER filling it, otherwise it’ll be spilling out everywhere. (Someone suggested beating the fillets flat which is actually a good idea – I haven’t done it yet because I don’t have a meat pounder).

Once you’ve got your fillets rolled, one by one, I then roll them up in foil and twist the ends like a bonbon. I’m quite generous with the foil, you don’t want it ripping.

Then I put them in my electric pan thingy (because I don’t have an oven and let them steam in their own juices for about 20-30 minutes on high. Not sure how long it’d take in an oven but I reckon an oven would do a much better job.

When they’re done I cut the ends off the foil bonbons and carefully unwrap the foil (don’t burn yourself). If you’ve wrapped the foil nice and tight then the chicken fillet should retain its rolled up shape for serving. You can cook anything else you want with them – mashed potato, gravy, etc. Whatever is to your liking.

And there you have Geoff’s chicken bonbons 

Now its my turn to try these :)
Cast of characters

  •  Chicken thigh fillets
  • Spinach leaves - I used English spinach and removed the stalks
  • Low fat fetta cheese
  • Sun dried tomatoes (non oily)
  • Asparagus
  • Prosciutto - I added this because I had some I needed to use up 

Obviously Geoff is more experience at doing this than me because I got myself into a hell of a mess at first. I tried rolling the first one and it was a disaster, after that I decided that rolling the chicken on the foil might work better for me. I was right, once I didn't have to worry about picking that little sucker up and transferring it to the foil it went quite smoothly. Well. it did until I realised I'd left the asparagus out of the first one - gggrrr

The photo obove looks a mess, I put the prosciutto on top of the thigh fillet and then added the filling, this was obviously the first one because the asparagus is missing :)

Once I put the camera down and was able to use both hands it was fairly easy to roll the chicken and contain all the filling. I did open up the first Bon Bon and add the missing asparagus.

Here are my completed Bon Bon's ready to put in the oven. I cooked them on high for a bit longer than 30 minutes as I worry about chicken being properly cooked.

The finished product. It probably looks nothing like Geoff's but I was impressed :)

The chicken was really delicious and I will definitely make this again. Next time though I'll try it with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Thanks for the great recipe Geoff!!!

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